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Choose any leadership, management, or analytical thinking course to get real-world techniques that can be applied in any business environment. Each course will strengthen your skills and experience, while you engage other professionals in a fun learning environment.

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Learn best practices in leadership, management, and analytical thinking from a certified top-tier training provider that coaches and facilitates workshops in New York City, onsite, and online.  Choose from a curated selection of top training seminars and enjoy a transformative learning experience where you are engaged with other professionals, and supported to produce results.

Learn and experience real outcomes, where you are not "talked at" or "read to" by instructors who just teach theory.  Through the use of assessments, toolkits, participant materials, round tables, individual and group activities, and a series of rotational exercises, you will benefit from a learning environment tailored for all levels of professionals.


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Effective Stakeholder Management Modeling

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Stakeholder management includes identifying, documenting, verifying, and analyzing all of the people who will be impacted by a product, service, or process. Effective stakeholder identification involves uncovering as much detail as possible from various sources about potential stakeholders.  Your stakeholders comprise every level of your leadership, management, and analytical thinking relationships. The core objective of stakeholder management is to uncover ways to better align each stakeholder’s influence, impact with their support.

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3 Key Training Benefits You Can Use


Communicate business performance measures and clarify priorities; implement best practices; maintain a focused commitment to achieve key objectives; implement a plan of action; identify opportunities; determine training needs to quickly overcome barriers; translate ideas into action.

Targeted Leadership Plans

Determine short-term and long-term objectives and action steps; determine how to use personnel, equipment, facilities, and other resources efficiently to accomplish strategic initiatives; and identify best practices to prioritize and solid decisions.

Critical and Analytical Thinking

Make complex issues more manageable, identify underlying root causes, synthesize information and data to draw conclusions, apply sound reasoning, understand complexity, crystallize issues, and understand the implications of data/information.


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Excellent... very detailed and helpful on how to implement it to real world scenarios.

Excellent! Took another prep earlier that was not nearly as good as this one! Thanks…!

Excellent instructor. Hand-outs & practice exams very helpful.

Very upbeat, kept class engaging.

She clearly knows her stuff!

50% of the battle is to have good teacher!

Very Positive instructor, clear voice, great energy – Thank you! …. a very good instructor!

Thank you for your encouragement & enthusiasm! You have been a delight…