FREE PMP Exam Prep: Acing The PMP Framework - Part 1

Free PMP Exam Prep: Acing The PMP Framework - Part 1

Start learning what you need to know to ace the Project Framework & pass the PMP exam!

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BAPM is the unbiased standard of excellence that highlights the contributions of new and experienced business analyst, project managers and/or product managers.  BAPM offers some of the best training for participants all all levels, from senior-level executives to new career entrants.

Members encompass a diverse range of backgrounds and experience levels, including new career entrants, certified PMP and/or CBAP practitioners, training and consulting companies, and senior-level executives. BAPM membership is by invitation only and includes access to leadership council seminars, career roundtables, and exclusive master training sessions.


  • Excellent... very detailed and helpful on how to implement it to real world scenarios.
  • Excellent! Took another prep earlier that was not nearly as good as this one! Thanks…!
  • Excellent instructor. Hand-outs & practice exams very helpful.
  • Very upbeat, kept class engaging.
  • She clearly knows her stuff!
  • 50% of the battle is to have good teacher!
  • Very Positive instructor, clear voice, great energy – Thank you! …. a very good instructor!
  • Thank you for your encouragement & enthusiasm! You have been a delight…